"Take Your Health to Heart" is produced by Galichia Broadcasting, Inc. This show airs every Saturday at 9:00 AM central time for one hour on Q92.3 FM. This program enjoys a great audience and covers more than 3/4 of the state of Kansas in it's listenership and expands into surrounding states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

The program is highly regarded talk-show and features a different physician, scientist or medically related individual each week. There is an array of medical specialists who appear weekly on the show including cardiologists, internists, orthopedic surgeons, heart surgeons, neuro surgeons, primary care doctors, including all medical specialties. When companies or scientists are involved in new developments in medical science, these individuals may appear on the show. We use information technology at the highest level to include moment to moment developments in our discussion. Callers are welcome to submit their questions or comments and can also email us to galichiaradio@galichia.com. We are constantly reminded by our audience how much vital information we provide them about their health. Many people tell us that they bring entire family together to listen and learn. With this great following we have been able to continue to grow our businesses. We are pleased with the contributions this show has made to our growth and development.

"Take Your Health To Heart" continues to be a great joy for me and is an important part of our advertising effort as well as public awareness and education. I have been doing this show for almost 20 years. We have broadcast it live from 12 different countries, and continue to bring a mixture of US and world related topics. If you are interested to subscribe to our newsletter, click here to sign-up today.

If you are interested in advertising on "Take Your Health To Heart" within our network, please contact us or submit your request my email to galichiaradio@galichia.com.

Thank you for your interest and hope that you will tune in next week.

Joseph P. Galichia